Ride Vinghen
Be Out Standing

Expand your business with
our electric push-bikes.

Child 1


Stand out with an atractive concept, spectacular design, and wide personalisation options.

Safe and fun

We have engineered Vinghen Ti1 to be tons of fun for the rider, but also to be comfortable and safe.

High quality

Designed and assembled in Europe, robust, and easy to maintain.

Child 2

Our Push-Bikes


Travel smoothly around the city or explore the wilderness. The choice is yours with our signature electric push-bike.

  • Exciting to ride
  • Safe on any road surface
  • Easy to hop on and hop off around the city
  • Minimum maintenance requirements


Navigate the urban jungle, improve your delivery times and courier satisfaction with our novel electric cargo bike.

  • 100l secure, isolated cargo box
  • 100km range on a single charge
  • Robust design
  • Minimum maintenance requirements

Child 3