The Ti1 Concept

Ti 1 was created with the urban commuters and individualists in mind. Its electric powertrain and comfortable ride make it highly suitable for the city streets. At the same time Ti1 is versatile enough to become your toy for a weekend away from the urban crowds.

Vinghen Ti1 comes with a choice of 250W or 500W motor and a battery capable of providing a real world range of up to 35 km at speeds up to 25 km/h.

Vinghen Mobile is your smart solution for added security, GPS tracking and personalised tips.


Powerful, yet elegant. Minimalistic, yet instantly recognizable. With its split frame and plywood step inspired by urban culture, Vinghen Ti1 is a statement!


What makes Ti1 so special to ride? The low centre of gravity, optimised geometry and smooth power delivery make for a fun ride. Ti1 is easy to control, stable at high speeds and comfortable even on compromised surfaces.


Express your individuality with a choice of four standard and five optional colours, as well as, a list of optional equipment and accessories.

*All images shown are of Ti1 prototypes. Series production version will have some differences.