Key Features and Benefits

When designing Vinghen Ti1 we focused on a distinctive design that is simple, yet instantly recognizable.

The plywood deck mimics the shape of a longboard; The iconic “split” frame helps Vinghen stand out and provides increased stiffness for a more engaging ride; The “Fat” tires improve the comfort and add further versatility.

Why choose Vinghen Ti1 over a standard electric bicycle?

  • It is easier to mount and dismount, hence easier to use around town.
  • It has less moving parts, so it is more reliable and requires less maintenance.
  • It is easier to use by people with certain knee problems.
  • Its simpler design allows for a more competitive price.

Why choose Vinghen Ti1 over a standard electric scooter?

  • The larger wheels and superior weight distribution improve safety and stability significantly compared to a standard scooter.
  • It is compatible with various standard bicycle accessories, such as handlebar mounted basket.
  • It is easier to park, as it can use most standard bicycle parking racks.