About Us

Vinghen is a startup focused on the design and development of electric bicycles and scooter. Our focus is on distinctive design, superb handling, and affordability.

Tsvetan Iliev is an engineer with degrees from Oxford Brookes University and The University of Sheffield.

He gained extensive experience at product development in the automotive industry, whilst working at DAF Trucks, Sensata Technologies, and FEV GmbH (on a Daimler project).

Tsvetan Iliev


“I am an automotive engineer and I love cars. However, I do love them on the open road and definitely not in the city where they are slow, noisy, dirty, expensive, and just don’t make much sense. I am a firm believer that micro mobility is the future of individual city transportation. Therefore I decided to start Vinghen and to focus on two wheeled electric vehicles for commuting. But I also wanted to make this good fun! Hence with our first product I made certain changes to the traditional push-scooter, so that it is more engaging, more comfortable, and just more enjoyable on the city streets and bike lanes. I am eager to work on Vinghen and to build a brand that will be associated with individualism, high quality, and elegance!”

Mariyan Stoychev is an automotive engineer with a degree from TU Sofia.

He has been working on various engineering side-projects over the years, building deep knowledge and understanding on important topics and processed. His professional experience is linked with Sensata Technologies.

Mariyan Stoychev

Design Engineer

“I am very excited to be part of the Vinghen Ti1 project. The minute I saw Tsvetan’s concept, I realized it is an idea with huge potential, so I accepted his offer to work on the design of certain parts of the push-scooter. With regards to climate change and traffic congestion, micro mobility is an important topic and Vinghen offers an innovative alternative to the traditional push-scooters. I have to admit that the finished product looks even better than I was imagining and I am positive that once we go to market, we will have one of the most distinctive push scooters available.”

Vinghen LTD
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